Strawberry Blossom Fiddle Tab

Strawberry Blossom Simple and Ornamented

Strawberry Blossom is a short fiddle tune, unlike Blackberry Blossom, Apple Blossom, or even Orange Blossom Special. Blackberry and Apple are normal fiddle tunes. And Orange is a three part tune that also includes a 12 bar blues song in between. All make up a fun bouquet of blossoms.

O’Neill’s and Mel Bay’s repertory have variations embedded in the music notation that require choices: include this or that ornament, use this or that variation to the melody.

The basic melody is simple and is included on this page. The ornamented version is from 43 Fiddle Tunes in Tab, which is no longer in print.

The A part is simply four bars that get repeated. The B part has a second ending so the melody can go up for a suspended resolution. The last two notes lead to the top and starting over. If you want to end it nicely, you can tack on a first finger F# after the two notes that would otherwise lead to the beginning.

Strawberry Blossom basic tab chart
Strawberry Blossom basic

The simple tab chart has a minimum of bowing indications. You’ll see that up bow mark to keep on a good groove with the continuing notes.

Strawberry Blossom with Ornaments

The more complex chart, on the other hand, has bowings set to emphasize the off beat several times. It’s a form of Georgia bow, like in Ebenezer.

The ornamentation can be simplified if you wish. It’s not too much for the tune if you use all of them. The 3rd finger with the bow rattle is prominent. If you delay the movement of the bow more than you would for a simple triplet rhythm, that can be effective.

In the B part you have a 2nd finger roll in bar two and the grace note in the fourth bar, both first and second endings. Whether you play the grace note before or on the beat doesn’t matter very much, I don’t believe. I play it just before the beat.

Strawberry flowers, as they blossom, are an attractive white bloom. And the plant itself has a short life. In many fields they are plowed back into the soil after harvest. A few selected plants in backyard gardens may be kept two or three years. They begin to fail after that.

Maybe it’s the natural propagation of runners. The ancestor of the strawberry plant sent out its runners and they carried the life forward in time. Blackberry blossoms are on a hardier bush. And apple or orange blossoms live on the tree for a while.

Up close and personal with a strawberry blossom
Up close and personal with a strawberry blossom

The strawberry blossom is a delicate flower. Here’s an image from WikipediaDoes this mean we should play the tune Strawberry Blossom with a sensitive touch? You tell me.

Pdf files: Simple

And Ornamented.

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