Mid-year Review of 100 Fiddle Tunes

Being about half way through the year, I’m evaluating my project, 100 Fiddle Tunes. Yes, I’m behind schedule. I have been since the start.

Earlier, I thought I would get caught up as the year progressed. My ability to chart tunes more quickly would  come into play. So far, that has not happened.

It still takes about an hour to make a fiddle tab chart for a n average complex tune. That’s an hour I could be playing my fiddle. And sometimes that’s what I do instead of tab work.

The intention behind this effort shifted a bit. Originally I thought in terms of music notation for how I play the tunes. Then, in response to a request, I began focusing on tab charts.

And that’s how it should be. Brian Tracy says we should do those things that only we can do, that no one else can do. I know of no one who is drawing fiddle tab charts the way I draw them.

There are software programs that can put the fingering indications on the line, but that is not satisfying for me.

The way I draw them takes longer, but I like the uncluttered appearance. And anyway, that’s the form of tab chart I saw first in Beginning Old Time Fiddle, twenty five years ago.

I can also see that mp3 files of the tunes would be useful. Those may begin showing up soon. But, I cannot put too much time in on that and also get the fiddle tab charts drawn.

Will I get this done by the end of the year? Maybe not. but, I’ll just keep going until I have the 100 fiddle tunes up on this web site.

After that, we’ll see how many bells and whistles I can add!

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