Lannigan’s Ball

A Good Time at Lannigan’s Ball

A few years ago, I went to the Clearwater Library to sit in on a concert presented by the Bay Area Fiddlers. I had been out of the group for a few years. So it was that I met Anson and Pat Young for the first time.

I learned before long that they were very active in promoting the group and making sure things happened that needed to happen.

I know most of the tunes we played that day. One was new to me: Lannigan’s Ball, a sprightly jig in E minor. I faked along as well as I could and resolved to really learn the tune, because I liked it.

Now I teach it to my students, using this tab chart.

an Irish jig in fiddle tab version of Lannigan's Ball
Lannigan’s Ball, an Irish jig in fiddle tab

Here is the tune played at a moderate tempo.

For printing, and sharing with others, here is a pdf chart. Now that I look at it again, as I put it online, I wish I had put in a grace note from the 3rd finger to the first finger in the second bar, and the fifth bar which has the same figure of notes. Feel free to add that ornament to Lannigan’s Ball and have fun at the ball!

This audio file features me playing Lannigan’s Ball as you see in the chart, then a second time with a little more ornamentation.

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    • Shirley Koester
    • January 17, 2015


    We are amateurs trying to play together for a youth group to introduce them to
    English Country Dancing in Ft. Myers Fl.

    We are using Julia Delaney to try to also introduce them to contra dancing.
    I don’t understand your bowingdirections for fiddle for Julia Delaney – for instance
    in the first line – does the overarching crescent in the first measure indicate starting on a downbow and then switching at “2” to an upbow?Obviously I am new to fiddling

      • Elan
      • November 12, 2016

      This is a good question to ask at this page:

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