Lamp Lighter’s Hornpipe

The only hornpipe in my book 43 Fiddle Tunes in Tab is “Harvest Home Hornpipe.” It’s played with a swing feel, and students like it.

To pull another hornpipe out of the hat, I put Lamp Lighter’s Hornpipe into tab. I look forward to seeing how my fiddle students like this one.

[Update] This is definitely catching on, too. At a lesson with students at the Suncoast Waldorf School, one of the beginning students was humming it after two hearings. It’s a winner!

Here is a pdf of Lamp Lighter’s Hornpipe.

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    • chuck jones
    • December 10, 2010

    Just wondering if this(Lamplighters Hornpipe) is related to “The Old Lamplighter”. My wife has been nagging me for years to learn that tune…chuck

      • admin
      • December 11, 2010

      Must be the same tune, don’t you think? I looked in my collections for “The Old Lamplighter,” and nothing was to be found.

    • chuck jones
    • December 13, 2010

    Just wondering. The original tune was published in 1946 written by Nat Simon. Lyrics were written by Charles Tobias. I have heard it being played by the Browns.

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