This one proved to be a toughie. One of my online students, Bob Evans, asked about this tune when he ordered. I knew I had the chart in my archives, so I said I’d send it along.

When I looked at it, I realized it was only the verse. No chorus was tabbed out. And I knew I’ve played the chorus.

Writing it took extra time because I put in the drone strings. Then, I just didn’t like what I had come up with.

I got out my fiddle and just started playing and writing. After a while I was satisfied with the results. Here they are.

And here is the pdf file for Jambalaya.

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    • Pete
    • December 22, 2010

    Hey, great site! How about the fiddle part to George Strait’s We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This? I have parts of it but can’t quite get it all… The sheet music I’ve found is for piano/guitar and often puts it in C major, but the original recording is in B. Doesn’t help when you’re trying to figure it out!

      • admin
      • December 27, 2010

      I just listened to the tune on YouTube. The back up feel is cajun, but the break is something else. Given only a few bars to fill, the fiddler plays as many notes as possible, almost. Interesting, but quite different from the back up. Which part are you after, is my question.

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