How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art

Gospel songs go best in the key someone can easily sing. For How Great Thou Art that key is Bb, in my opinion. This is a good key on violin, too. You can easily use the open strings, except for E. The third note of the scale is D, and that tunes in to the D string, helping your intonation.

HowGreatThouArtIf you haven’t played much in the key of Bb, review the scale. Start with the low first finger on the A string. Work your way through the steps of the scale, listening carefully.

You will ned to use your fourth finger for the Eb note on the A string and the Bb note on the E.

Then, start with the second finger in the low position on the G string. From there, you can use the open D and A strings in the scale.

Here is the link for the pdf chart

Another Gospel song for fiddle is the best known of all, Amazing Grace.


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    • Randy
    • September 19, 2017

    On the music How great thou art on measure 1 the first note has an L above it what is this for ? I’ve lost my book that was purchased from you followed by a slight stroke I’m using my instrument for rehab.

      • Elan
      • September 19, 2017

      The L means place the finger in the low position, close to the firs finger. Best wishes for happy fiddling and successful rehab.

    • Randy
    • October 30, 2017

    rehab. with the fiddle is doing great, found a younger teacher that plays classical BUT loves fiddle music and the challenge of teaching a 56 year old olde fart 🙂

    hope to see a few new pieces of music and or a new book ?

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