Chocobo in Fiddle Tablature

Fun Fiddling with Chocobo

Chocobo derives from an online game called Final Fantasy, (originally from a console game). In some situations the characters must ride a Chocobo to fulfill their quest. Here is what a fan web site, the Verge, has to say about this character.

Referring to how key characters change in appearance through the longish series, “Same goes for moogles and chocobos, although these super cute types of furry-slash-feathered friends tend to appear mostly the same in each iteration. Moogles look like a sort of cupid-based bear; throughout the series they’ve been everything from sentient, talking party members to cute toys.

Chocobos act as the franchise’s horse stand-ins. They’re like big yellow chickens you ride around. It’s great! They even have a theme song (which differs slightly by game, of course).”

The theme has been studied by fans and evaluated for its evolution through the series, after the first appearance in 1988. You can get the basic idea of the tune in the first two minutes from the video.

Now, if you are ready to pick up the fiddle and have a go, here is the tab chart. (The pdf file, good for printing, is below.) I’m not sure whether I am crediting or blaming Nobue Uematsu by putting his name above the Chocobo tab chart. He wrote the tune. I get the blame for putting it into tablature.


This is not exactly a fiddle tune. Yet, it’s fun to play. One of my students requested it as a tab chart. After she learned the tune she stopped taking lessons. I guess when you get to where you want to be, you go somewhere else.

The Chocobo Fiddle Tune Structure

The tune has three distinct parts. The first part with the repeat is what you hear when the tune starts up in the game. In the 1988 version, this fragment was the whole thing!

The second part is written out for the whole eight bas. The open E string in parenthesis is an alternative. Use the fourth finger on the A if you don’t want to cross strings at that point.

The third part is like a transition riff. You could repeat the whole tune up to that point if you wanted to. The little X’s are rests. This part can be played with short bow strokes for best effect.

I’m thinking of bringing it into my Wednesday group. They’re very open minded, and might like to play this jaunty, playful tune.

Click this link to get the Pdf file of Chocobo Tab.

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    Elan, this is very interesting, even though I do not understand most of it. So glad you are reaching out to fiddlers everywhere.

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    HI YA Elan ! Would you happen to have fiddle tab notes for “Diggy Liggy Lo”?

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      I didn’t have the tab when you asked, but later I did. You generously paid $20 for this and now I have sent you the beginner vesion. In a day of two you will get the intermediate version. Thanks for asking and being persistent.

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