On the Boulevard–a Jig by Liz Carroll

Play a Liz Carroll Fiddle Tune from Tab Notation

When I first heard On the Boulevard from the Liz Carroll album, Lost in the Loop, It seemed merely to repeat the A part an octave higher for the B part. The similarity between the A part and the B part seemed a little redundant. It was as if the B part was a replay of the A part an octave higher. (Someone wasn’t paying attention.)

Then, I started playing the tune. When I got involved I found that the contrast between the two parts was subtle an very interesting. Now I’ve gotten to like the jig so much I play it every week. I used to  include it in the 2nd Sunday Session we have in Palm Harbor.

Maybe  you’ve heard the insensitive comment that all these Irish tunes sound alike. (Or, all these old time tunes sound alike. Or, all these fiddle tunes sound alike. You get the idea.) Let’s not be that person. Let’s be open minded that we may not appreciate a tune when we hear it, but we know that some people may like it a lot.

I got this tune from Liz Carroll’s book, Collected. It has 185 of her original tunes. When I play it as tabbed, I include a little tweak in the A part that organizes playing the first phrase four times for me. Otherwise, it is mostly as published in music notation.

On the Boulevard--Liz Carroll

The tune starts in G with a move to E minor. It resolves to E minor, so let’s say that’s the key.

For good results in printing, here is On the Boulevard as a pdf file.

The album this tune is from, Lost in the Loop, got a great deal of play in my car as I went about my rounds. I play a few other tunes from this also, including the title tune and Sevens, the first tune.

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