Amazing Grace Fiddle Notes and Recording

The Amazing Grace fiddle notes are comments I make here, not musical notation. Fiddle notes might be tablature, but not musical notation targeted for fiddle.

Dale Morris had a very interesting approach to Amazing Grace. He talked about this when I attended the Texarkana Fiddle Camp way back when. (It was the first year of the Mark O’Connor Camp, whenever that was. I attended both.)

He said that he liked to slur notes together if they represented one word. The first word in the song is ‘amazing’. It is given one note for each syllable. Usually you hear this played with three bows. And that’s the way I’ve published the tune.

His reasoning is good and musical. If you are a beginner, though, it’s a little awkward to get the three notes together in one bow. Since I give this tune to beginners, I make it easier and more conventional.

If you are an intermediate or advanced player, you can stretch this first part out in one bow. In fact, you may choose to do a juicy shift to third position on the third note.

I’m showing the three ways of handling this beginning of the tune in the tabs below. Further along is a link to an mp3 file demonstrating the sound.

You will see an ornamented version of the song in the first fiddle tab chart. Even beginners are encouraged to push into new territory.

Fiddle tab chart for Amazing Grace

Now here is a fragment to show the beginning with the slur covering the first three notes.

Fragment of Amazing Grace with slurring

And finally, moving into third position for during first three notes.

Fragment of Amazing Grace with 3rd position move

For the best printing results, here is a pdf of Amazing Grace.

A three minute mp3 file demonstrates the comparative sound of all this: Amazing-Grace MP3.

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      Your comment is borderline spam. If your web site was about lawn furniture, then it would be spam. Always helpful to show that you really looked at a site before you comment. For example, on your site the sub headline is hard to read. White on black print can do that, over an image.

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    Thank you for mentioning my name in conjunction with Amazing Grace. I’m not sure, however, that I was understood correctly in the matter of “bow slurring”..
    In Amazing Grace, ONLY WORDS with slurs should be slurred with the bow………….In the beginning word Amazing……….three separate syllables, the last, “zing” would be a bow slur… it is with vocal. The next slur would occur in the line a wretch like me………, “a” is two note played with a slur. Thanks so much. Dale

      • admin
      • February 23, 2011

      Thank you for the update on this concept. When we are playing songs we want them to be more song like than dance like.

      1. Reply

        Thank you A MILLION for all the gospel songs.
        Please do I saw the light, I’ll fly away, keep on the sunny side and what a friend we have in Jesus.
        The way you simply explain and make it perfect for the fiddle is giving me such great joy playing. Thanks again

          • Elan
          • April 27, 2019

          Thanks for those suggested songs. I may do one or two.

    • Yaz
    • April 11, 2013

    This is the first time I’ve seen fiddle tabs before. I always wondered how it was tuned.

    Perhaps you could make a short video of you playing while the tabs are displayed underneath? That may be helpful. Kind of like videos they have for guitar, for example:

    I’d like to hear how some of the expressive bits sound when you play them.

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