Joe Walsh Fiddle Tune

Giardian Angel–a Fiddle Tune by Joe Walsh Giardian Angel is the fiddle tune taught to the small group of us in Joe Walsh’s arranging session. When he said the name of the tune, I asked him, Wasn’t Giardia a disease? (I was a little off, it’s a parasite that causes a disease.) He said it was […]

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Tommy Peoples Reel in Fiddle Tab

Tommy Peoples Reel Tommy Peoples Reel is a short reel, and a lot happens as it zips by. It starts with a bowed triplet, then another in the next bar. In the following bar is a first finger roll, then a 3rd finger roll. Is that enough activity? We’re not done yet. The B part […]

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Bag of Spuds Fiddle Tab

Bag of Spuds Fiddle Tab Recently I wrote about Bag of Spuds in  my Fiddle Coach blog. Bag of Spuds is the most recent tune I’ve learned to play with an octave drop. I heard it many times on Lost in the Loop, a Liz Carrol album. She seques from Drunken Sailor Hornpipe into Bag of Spuds and plays it on […]

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Road to Columbus Fiddle Tab

The Fiddle Tab Road to Columbus The Road to Columbus quite likely is the National road, the first serious roadway undertaken by the US government, the first federally funded interstate highway. Started in 1811, it got to Columbus, the new capital of the new state in 1831 or 1833. It was a major boost to […]

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Cluck Old Hen Lays Again

Cluck Old Hen–Beginner and Groove Cluck Old Hen is one of my favorite warm up tunes. It has a good groove. Then, you come to the left hand plucking part. “We like to pluck when we cluck.” Those who sing of the Hen, say: My old hen’s a good old hen She lays eggs for […]

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