Tommy Peoples Reel in Fiddle Tab

Tommy Peoples Reel

Tommy Peoples Reel is a short reel, and a lot happens as it zips by. It starts with a bowed triplet, then another in the next bar. In the following bar is a first finger roll, then a 3rd finger roll. Is that enough activity? We’re not done yet.

The B part has a triplet in the second bar and a first finger roll in the third. All this is a bit demanding, so allow yourself time to pull it all together.

fiddle tab chart for Tommy Peoples Reel

Tommy Peoples’ 50 Irish Fiddle Tunes¬†is available from Amazon, but for how much longer? He just passed away a few days ago. Most likely his estate will keep Amazon supplied, but I didn’t wait.

Tommy Peoples Reel in pdf Click this to get a good printable copy.

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