folk song

Amazing Grace Fiddle Notes and Recording

The Amazing Grace fiddle notes are comments I make here, not musical notation. Fiddle notes might be tablature, but not musical notation targeted for fiddle. Dale Morris had a very interesting approach to Amazing Grace. He talked about this when I attended the Texarkana Fiddle Camp way back when. (It was the first year of […]

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Great Speckled Bird

A few years ago I got a request to make a fiddle tab chart for Great Speckled Bird. The request came from an online student who wanted to play this at a fiddle contest. I must have wanted to chart this tune anyway. My result was a simple version of the tune, much like it […]

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Red River Valley for Beginners

Red River Valley is a beginner tab. It’s a well known folk song. The notes are not hard. There are two aspects that make it a little challenging. 1. The counting, to be accurate, requires holding notes for several counts, or beats. 2. The tune is repeated an octave higher. Here’s a brief discussion of […]

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