fiddle tunes

Shady Grove

One evening at a place called Ka Tiki on Sunset Beach, I was performing with the redoubtable Pete Gallagher. A man in the audience called out for Shady Grove. It’s a short, simple tune, but that’s what he really wanted to hear so we played it as an instrumental. We didn’t know the words. It […]

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E Tenn Blues, Texas Crapshooter, Beaumont Rag

Earlier this year a student came back from a summer fiddle camp. She was a little beside herself. The class was on average more advanced than she was, in her opinion. Furthermore, she wanted to play E Tennessee Blues and the fingering was a high speed bump. She seemed resistant to the idea of using […]

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Directory of Tunes

8th of January, 8th of January Redone Arkansas Traveller Ashokan Farewell The Butterfly Cluck Old Hen Connaughtman’s Ramble Crabs in the Skillet Dancing Tables Do Lord Down Yonder Dutchman’s Pipe Earl’s Chair Ebeneezer Eclipse Hornpipe Flop-eared Mule George Brabazon Gold Rush Golden Slippers Great Speckled Bird Higher Ground How Great Thou Art Hunter’s Purse Huntsman’s […]

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Ten Penny Bit Rhythm Trick

There is a favorite trick fiddlers do in jigs. We change the accented rhythm to imply a time of 3-4 instead of the normal 6-8 jig rhythm. This lasts for only a few beats. Rock players and jazz cats do this to. So did classical music composers. It’s a good trick. In the video performance […]

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Why 100 Fiddle Tunes

About 100 FiddleTunes This is an update [June 7, 2016]for the original page I wrote to introduce this music blog. The original article is just below, with a few editorial notes. Since my intention has changed a little bit, it’s good to renew my commitment. Fiddle Tab vs Music Notation Why tab? I use fiddle […]

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