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Road to Lisdoonvarna

Last year at this time, I was doing a little recording for Ricko Donovan. I have some counterpoint on his My Darling Asleep from the Lucky Sevens album.

He told me that Lisdoonvarna has a meet up once a year that attracts hundreds of single men and women. Going to the big social gathering may be what the writer of this tune had in mind.

Here is the pdf of Road to Lisdonvarna.

St. Anne’s Reel

There is more than one way to play a fiddle tune. You probably know that.

Sometimes a small change can make a tune easier to play. That’s the cause behind this little revision to my currently published version of St. Anne’s Reel.

Originally, I set the tune in a way that required playing quickly across four strings to a C# on the G string. This version is a little easier, and nothing is lost by substituting an easier note.

St. Anne, in the Christian tradition, is the mother of the mother of Jesus. This is her reel.

And the pdf of St. Anne’s Reel.


This one proved to be a toughie. One of my online students, Bob Evans, asked about this tune when he ordered. I knew I had the chart in my archives, so I said I’d send it along.

When I looked at it, I realized it was only the verse. No chorus was tabbed out. And I knew I’ve played the chorus.

Writing it took extra time because I put in the drone strings. Then, I just didn’t like what I had come up with.

I got out my fiddle and just started playing and writing. After a while I was satisfied with the results. Here they are.

And here is the pdf file for Jambalaya.

Kitchen Girl

This has been one of my favorites. We play it in the Bay Area Fiddlers Association, too. The version here is not advanced, but, it’s not easy either. I’d call it intermediate.

This hoe down has a catchy change of chord in the first two beats, then goes back to A

A lot can be done to vary the first bar of the tune. Lots of potential licks. I hope to do a page on that eventually.

When we play it in BAFA, what I’m hearing is the straight ahead version, mostly.

Kitchen Girl in fiddle tab
Kitchen Girl in Fiddle Tab

And here is the pdf of Kitchen Girl in fiddle tab.

Flop Eared Mule

This tab chart is a revision of the chart in 43 Fiddle Tunes in Tab. When I revised it for a new student, the thought suddenly hit me, “I can put this online on my new fiddle tune blog!” And so, here it is.

The revisions are changes I’ve been penciling in for my studio students. Finally, I’m getting ready to incorporate them in a much revised edition of the book.

Flop Eared Mule features an effect in the B part that can be awkward. I make it easier to do in this version.

Also, here is the pdf of Flop Eared Mule. As usual, right click for saving the pdf file to your desk top.

The Hunter’s Purse, an Irish Reel in Music Notation

Even today a purse is not just a small bag for carrying money. It can be the prize inĀ  a contest.

The hunter may think of his quarry as a prize. But a animal taken by the hunter may not fit into a small bag. The hunter’s purse may be the small bag he made out of the hide of his catch.

Purse also means to draw the lips together like the mouth of a purse with the strings tightened. This is what the hunter does when his game escapes.

An Irish reel

Also, here’s the Hunter’s Purse pdf.