Orange Blossom Special in Tab

The Orange Blossom Special in Fiddle Tab

Without going into the “how to read fiddle tab” issue, because I’ve published that elsewhere, (at, here are just a few reminders.

Notice the double beams under the finger indication stems. All the other tab charts I published have only one beam. They are in what music notation would call cut time. This means there are four eighth notes to a beat. In this chart there are four sixteenth notes to a beat.

In terms of playing the chart the sound is the same. The difference is expressing the tune as four beats to a bar instead of two. The format for this version is four beats to a bar. Most of my tab charts are two beats to a bar.

The curved lines over the notes indicate what music notation calls slurs. You don’t change the bow for the notes under a slur. Otherwise you do change bow direction.

If you start with a down bow, pulling the bow and follow the plan of the slurs, you will be bowing the tune just as recommended.

The slanted lines show the direction of the slide. When the lines slant up from left to right you begin the notes a little low and slide up to the in tune notes. When the lines slant down you begin with in tune notes and fall off, or slide lower in pitch.

This version of Orange Blossom Special is very basic. It incorporates the rocking bow shuffle as played by Chubby Wise. The double shuffle is part of the bigger instructional package. (As well as the basic drill to learn the double shuffle.)

In the section where you see three notes connected by a slur you play a Georgia bow shuffle. I like to use Ebeneezer to teach that shuffle. That has been published online at 100 Fiddle Tunes in Tab.

The version published here is exactly what I have taught fiddlers who come to my studio as students. They have gone on to master the piece and play it in public to great applause. I hope you have a similar result.