Lamp Lighter’s Hornpipe

The only hornpipe in my book 43 Fiddle Tunes in Tab is “Harvest Home Hornpipe.” It’s played with a swing feel, and students like it.

To pull another hornpipe out of the hat, I put Lamp Lighter’s Hornpipe into tab. I look forward to seeing how my fiddle students like this one.

[Update] This is definitely catching on, too. At a lesson with students at the Suncoast Waldorf School, one of the beginning students was humming it after two hearings. It’s a winner!

Here is a pdf of Lamp Lighter’s Hornpipe.

3 thoughts on “Lamp Lighter’s Hornpipe

  1. Just wondering if this(Lamplighters Hornpipe) is related to “The Old Lamplighter”. My wife has been nagging me for years to learn that tune…chuck

  2. Just wondering. The original tune was published in 1946 written by Nat Simon. Lyrics were written by Charles Tobias. I have heard it being played by the Browns.

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