Julia Delaney

Apparently I was mistaken about Margaret’s Waltz being an Irish tune. An yet, I’m going way out on a limb here and saying this is an Irish reel. Definitely sounds Irish.

I worked out a harmony part in twin fiddling for this, but you need to go into second position to pull it off. That’s one reason for not producing a tab chart. Maybe someday, in music notation.

Fiddle tab chart for Julia Delaney

Some of the bowing may seem a little odd. I arranged it so that the cross string bowing could be up bow on the E and down bow on the A. The bow technique feels more natural.

Here’s the pdf for Julia Delaney.

2 thoughts on “Julia Delaney

    1. Replying here to a question asked on the Lannigans Ball page: The curved line, just as in music notation, indicates a slur. That means no change in bow direction for the notes under the slur. In this case it is an advanced bowing. It’s a Georgia bowwith lots of triplets included inside.

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