Joe Walsh Fiddle Tune

Giardian Angel–a Fiddle Tune by Joe Walsh

Giardian Angel is the fiddle tune taught to the small group of us in Joe Walsh’s arranging session. When he said the name of the tune, I asked him, Wasn’t Giardia a disease? (I was a little off, it’s a parasite that causes a disease.)

He said it was a long story, but the short of it was that the giardiasis was found when his father went for cancer treatment at the hospital. Or, vice versa, I may have gotten the story transposed. The gist was, that giardiasis was an angel that revealed something that had to be known about the cancer.

On the album Haas Marshall Walsh they play this at blazing speed. It also sounds good a little slower. It’s paired with a Brittany Haas tune, Houston Toad. I introduced these tunes to my Crystal Beach String Band and hope to feature them in public performance later this year.


Tab chart for Joe Walsh Giardian Angel

You notice how I use the fourth finger for the E note instead of the open E. The purpose of that choice is to avoid unnecessary string crossings. At the beginning the E string is good. After you get going, you may want to stay on the A string and use the fourth finger for the note.

The last line of the B part has strong syncopation and a bluesy Eb for good measure. It’s an especially strong ending, and fun to play. For the printable pdf file try: Giardian Angel pdf.

This tune is featured on the album, Haas Marshall Walsh. You can find it at Joe K Walsh. The album also has an magnetic rendition of Little Rabbit. I’ve been telling people that I play that tune also but not like Brittany Haas…yet. Darol Anger strongly approved her fiddling, and I’m starting to get it now. She has so much nuance. You just keep saying, Let’s hear that again.

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