Georgia Bow in Ebeneezer

In my book, 43 Fiddle Tunes in Tab, I have two tunes using Georgia bow. The first is Salt River, the second is Dick Gossip, an Irish reel.

You might ask, how is it that an Irish tune is being played Georgia shuffle style? Good question! I would ask this myself if I didn’t see it in the video, Lord of the Dance.

The tune that I use to teach Georgia bow is not in the book. My Bad.

I like to use Ebeneezer for that task. It facilitates the process by repetition of notes.

And here is the pdf file for Ebeneezer in tab.

This shuffle gives a strong emphasis on the off beats. You are playing a down bow on that note, and slurring the next three. As you repeat that pattern you really hit the off beat hard.

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