E Tenn Blues, Texas Crapshooter, Beaumont Rag

Earlier this year a student came back from a summer fiddle camp. She was a little beside herself. The class was on average more advanced than she was, in her opinion.

Furthermore, she wanted to play E Tennessee Blues and the fingering was a high speed bump. She seemed resistant to the idea of using a slightly simplified fingering. Eventually, she accepted it.

Now here’s the payoff. I use the more advanced version and the simplified version in the recent album track my band created in pursuit of our album.

Here’s the link from Fiddle Hangout. You can listen for the easy or advanced lick.

The medley goes on to Texas Crapshooter, a tune I first heard from the Bobby Hicks album of the same name. I don’t use hokum in this one like he does.

Finally, on to Beaumont Rag, played in the ole time key of F. My band, the Crystal Beach String Band, likes this tune.

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