Connaughtman’s Ramble

I saved space on the pages of my book by using footnotes and tidbits of tab. These one bar or less fragments were meant to be substituted when desired.

In my many years of teaching I found that substituting a fragment, or a bar, was not an easy skill for most students.

Now that I am publishing online, I don’t have to be so frugal with space. I can simply publish two or more variations of a whole tune. No need for note of foot.

Here are two versions of Connaughtman’s Ramble. This is a well known session tune. It was brought to me originally by one of my students who got it at a fiddle workshop in Boston.

Fiddle tab chart for Connaughtman's Ramble-Basic
Basic version of Connaughtman's Ramble

The pdf of Connaughtman’s Ramble-Basic.

The advanced version has rolls and grace notes. These, of course, are not graven in granite. You can use some or all.

Fiddle tab chart for Connaughtman's Ramble-Advanced

The pdf of Connaughtman’s Ramble-Advanced.

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