Irish Tune

Tommy Peoples Reel in Fiddle Tab

Tommy Peoples Reel Tommy Peoples Reel is a short reel, and a lot happens as it zips by. It starts with a bowed triplet, then another in the next bar. In the following bar is a first finger roll, then a 3rd finger roll. Is that enough activity? We’re not done yet. The B part […]

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Bag of Spuds Fiddle Tab

Bag of Spuds Fiddle Tab Recently I wrote about Bag of Spuds in  my Fiddle Coach blog. Bag of Spuds is the most recent tune I’ve learned to play with an octave drop. I heard it many times on Lost in the Loop, a Liz Carrol album. She seques from Drunken Sailor Hornpipe into Bag of Spuds and plays it on […]

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Strawberry Blossom Fiddle Tab

Strawberry Blossom Simple and Ornamented Strawberry Blossom is a short fiddle tune, unlike Blackberry Blossom, Apple Blossom, or even Orange Blossom Special. Blackberry and Apple are normal fiddle tunes. And Orange is a three part tune that also includes a 12 bar blues song in between. All make up a fun bouquet of blossoms. O’Neill’s […]

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George Brabizon Fiddle Tab

Planxty George Brabazon by Turlough O’Carolan Turlough O’Carolan occupies a unique place in the history of music. He was the product of an auditory tradition, not written music. He is now considered one of the last of a long tradition of Irish harpists, or harpers. Current assessment is that he was not a great virtuoso. […]

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Crabs in the Skillet–Trad Irish Tune

Crabs in the Skillet in Tab As someone who has the zodiac sign of Cancer the Crab, I should feel uncomfortable about the title of this tune. But, I don’t. I didn’t even feel uncomfortable when playing this tune at an old time contest cost me placement in the top five. Too bad. It’s a […]

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