Tam Lin Returns

The Story of Tam Lin This retelling of the story of Tam Lin is loosely based on the version in Wikipedia. The story was so dry, I took the liberty of redoing it. The fiddle tune, Tam Lin, you may have already heard. It’s one of those hypnotic D minor tunes. I’m posting the chart […]

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O Holy Night

This is more of a devotional song at Christmas than a Christmas Carol. Usually it’s sung by a singer with real chops. I got a request for this one by email. I hope I can find the message in my piles of messages so I can reply. This tune is not in my new ebook, […]

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Mid-year Review of 100 Fiddle Tunes

Being about half way through the year, I’m evaluating my project, 100 Fiddle Tunes. Yes, I’m behind schedule. I have been since the start. Earlier, I thought I would get caught up as the year progressed. My ability to chart tunes more quickly would  come into play. So far, that has not happened. It still […]

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Minor Swing

This has been a popular bluegrass tune since David Grisman’s Hot Dawg, if not earlier. It’s also showed up in a few movies. Chocolat featured a Gypsy band playing the tune. Even in Julie & Julia, there was a moment of one and a half bars that had the tune playing at the cut to […]

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Rose of San Antone

One of my online people, Ron Bennett, asked for this tune. So, I moved it up to the top of the stack, and here it is. The Texas swing fiddle tradition is the source of many great songs and tunes. Rose of San Antone is one. Originally played by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, […]

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